28, 32 and 38 mm - Create Single Or Double Seam In One Go Or Cut Off Old Seams




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The new folding machine Seaming Pro offers 3 functions in only one device!
Whether you are working on the roof or the facade, it makes no difference; our Seaming Pro provides the highest level of comfort and noticeable facilitation in sheet metal processing.

1 Device for 3 applications for all seam heights:

  • Creation of double-standing seams - in just one work step
  • Creation of single-standing seams
  • Cutting off the old seam
  • Can be changed to 3 different heights (25mm/32mm/38mm)

Fast: Creates double standing seams in just one work step - at 8m to 12m per minute.
Wireless: Simply attach your standard cordless screwdriver to one of two holders (roof or facade).
Problem-solving: Can be unlatched and latched into the seam,
Flexible: Quick modification to the different functions.
Time-saving: No need to pre-seam or seam with a square seam folder or twin square seam folder.
Height adjustable: Seam height can be modified from 25mm to 38mm.
Universal: You can process copper, zinc, and aluminum up to 0.7mm, galvanized or colored steel up to 0.6mm, as well as stainless steel up to 0.5mm.

  • Seaming Pro is equipped with forming rolls of hardened steel
  • Holder for cordless screwdriver incl. fastening screws
  • Rubber-coated drive rolls (assembled)
  • Cutting wheels
  • Allen wrench & transport box


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